CADOGAN CAFÉ  Events, Cafe and Community Space -  not just an expanded café, but an expanded place for experience; an annual programme of art commissions, events & installations
  HEALTH FOUNDRY   An innovative co-working space which aims to improve health and wellbeing by bringing together a wide range of people, start-ups and organisations and supporting them to create scalable digital health solutions.
  HUB KINGS CROSS  Bespoke Designed Workspace -  with meeting and conference space, events gallery, restaurant, bar and drop in business services
  ICITY COLOSSEUM OLYMPIC CAR PARK   Invited Ideas Competition – unlocking this Olympic piece of infrastructure, becoming a vast platform for urban events. Queen Elizabeth Park, Multi-storey Car Park
  JOINING THE DOTS - CRYSTAL PALACE   00 were commissioned to carry out a study of Crystal Palace, including the town centres of Upper Norwood, Anerley and Penge. The focus of the study was to document and share the richness of the area, and explore opportunities for regeneration built on existing riches, ideas, and proposals uncovered.   The full report  can be found here.
  PIPER GALLERY   Contemporary Artists G allery -  a gallery that would have an Alice in Wonderland sense of exploration
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  ROSENFELD & PORCINI  A Contemporary Art Gallery - utilising natural daylight and createing a great sense of openness and scale that defied the constraints of the site
  THE WINCHESTER PROJECT  Outline Design for Youth Hub -  a home that supports a fantastic diversity of activities; from digital fabrication and making, to dreaming on a rooftop meadow – with a community café, ‘made at the winch’ shop, recording studios, meeting spaces, community kitchen, growing garden and performance space