Detail photos of Global Platform Denmark by Nick Ierodiaconou

Update: detail photos of the interior and exterior fit out of the new Global Platform at Action Aid.

00 developed the designs, as well as supporting ActionAid in the co-build refurbishment of their Global Platform in Copenhagen. Within a tight budget of £30k and 6-week timeframe, the building was refurbished by young people (16-30 years) with previously limited construction skills.

Greenhouse style meeting room with OpenDesk furniture (cafe table) and writable glass walls.

Bespoke project desks for private working or Skype calls.

Platform seating made from recycled milk crates.

Top floor cafe and community area.

One of the classroom / learning / presentation spaces with moveable whiteboard, a pallet stage and alphabet chairs.

Outdoor greenspace and greenhouse meeting room.

Pallet garden for flexible outdoor seating and presentation space.

Global Platform Denmark is a community of 13 organisations, academics and social entrepreneurs, who collaborate on creating activities, which engender global sustainability and democratic participation, and fight poverty and injustice.

All photos by Lynton Pepper.

- DS

Global Platform Denmark launch by Nick Ierodiaconou

From London to Denmark, 00 has teamed up with former team member Tim Ahrensbach (now at Action Aid) to design and build Global Platform Denmark - Denmark’s new centre for global citizenship and education.

Global Platforms is a worldwide network of training hubs for empowerment and activism, providing innovative trainings and capacity building for organisations and young individuals who wish to take positive action in their societies. 00 developed the designs, as well as supporting ActionAid in the co-build refurbishment of their Global Platform in Copenhagen. Within a tight budget of £30k and 6-week timeframe, the building was refurbished by young people (16-30 years) with previously limited construction skills.

If anyone is in Copenhagen this September, we invite them to come to the launch of Global Platform Denmark on September 6th at 15:00, where you will get the opportunity to see the space and get an insight into the activities and organistions that are housed here. The day will offer a plethora of workshops, drinks, good music, networking and light refreshments.

Global Platform Denmark is a community of 13 organisations, academics and social entrepreneurs, who collaborate on creating activities, which engender global sustainability and democratic participation, and fight poverty and injustice.

- SH & DS

Dryden Street site photos by Nick Ierodiaconou

Dryden Street is a sensitive conversion of a 19th century warehouse, providing D1 space on the basement and ground floor levels with residential on the upper floors. Works are progressing on site with internal partitions and M&E now nearing completion.

Now that the basic structural work has been completed, the geometry of spaces are being revealed and the dynamic between old and new is highly seductive.

Original stable house doors will provide light for a large, airy living space.

Detailed craftsmanship on the roof using traditional materials such as lead, zinc, and slate are particularly inspiring.

Exposed traditional roof carcassing will be stripped back and repainted.

- BW & JC

Social Justice Centre announced by Nick Ierodiaconou

00 has won planning consent for the new Social Justice Centre in Vauxhall. The centre will act as a base for organisations working in social justice and human rights, as well as an events space and a community learning resource.

Located behind the Oval cricket ground, the site is currently occupied by a former factory building.

The work will include the restoration of the original three-storey building, providing flexible office space for human rights organisations, and the addition of a two-storey extension that will act as the public frontage of the building on Oval Way.

With principles of social justice in mind, 00:/ has designed the centre to facilitate exchange and collaboration between the organisations housed within it and the local community, with informal “breakout” spaces and a communal atrium.

The ground floor entrance space has been designed as highly transparent with a glazed front facade and public seating to attract passers-by. In the centre is a large reception desk, described as a “kitchen table”, which will incorporate storage and bookcases, as well as a café servery and laptop bar.

Adjacent to the reception area there will be an exhibition gallery and meeting space. Inspired by Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park, 00:/ has designed a concrete stage for talks and lectures called the “speakers’ step”.

Externally, there will be a garden on the rooftop and external spaces on the first and second floors. The rooftop garden will feature planters containing intensive green roof spaces, moveable seating for informal meetings, picnic areas and beehives. A strip of currently disused land to the south of the site will be transformed into a garden with an allotment, a playground and secure bicycle storage.

Text from BDonline.co.uk, written by Cate St Hill

Launch of 'The Future Is Here' by Nick Ierodiaconou

More photos from the launch of 'The Future Is Here' at the Design Museum - congratulations to the team at Wikihouse and Opendesk for all of their hard work!

The Wikihouse and Opendesk set up, ft. Wikihouse version 3 and the OpenDesk Cafe tables, Edie tables, and Edie stools. All designs can be downloaded for free and printed on CNC machines.

View of the exhibition as it fills up

A range of 3D printed items on display

A big crowd pleaser, a pair of Kuka industrial robots forever building and unbuilding a set of panels.

... And last but not least, a team photo of Wikihouse and OpenDesk! From left to right we have Ian Bennick, Lynton Pepper, Joni Steiner, Nick Ierodiaconou, Sarah Gold, Alastair Parvin, Alice Fung and James Arthur. Many thanks to all of those who have also contributed so far and are not pictured.

Photos from the event taken by Joni Steiner, Debbie So, and The Institution of Education & Technology.

Read more about the launch here.


Design Museum: The Future Is Here by Nick Ierodiaconou

00 will be participating in the Design Museum's exhibit, THE FUTURE IS HERE: A NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, open from 24 July - 29 October. 00 will be exhibiting pieces by OpenDesk, a platform for open source furniture — designs available to print yourself or have it made for you, and Wikihouse, an open source construction set whose aim is to allow anyone to design, download and ‘print’ CNC-milled plywood houses and components.


We are in the midst of a transformation in the way we design, make and use the objects that we depend on. It is a transformation that will affect commerce, industry, and the way that we all live as profoundly as any previous Industrial Revolution.

Want to know your additive manufacturing from your 3d printing, and find out how the 'new industrial revolution' will impact your life? Or just want to understand more about how the things around you are made? Then visit The Future is Here.

The exhibition explores how the boundaries between designer, manufacturer and consumer are becoming increasingly blurred. Significant changes in the way objects are made, the materials they are made of and the type of objects that people use have the potential to affect commerce, industry and the environment as profoundly as any past Industrial Revolution. See some of these manufacturing techniques demonstrated in The Future is Here Factory and find out how they will change the designed world around you.


Book your ticket in advance via the Design Museum Shop

- DS

The Future of Open: Photos by Nick Ierodiaconou

The Future of Open research project by the London OI included live events starting 1 July - 3 July through an exhibition, with fringe events in the evening, followed by a live speaking event on the 6th July 2013 at Mother London.

An exhibit of projects illustrating Open across a range of sectors and domains, including education, community projects, technology / hardware, and finance.

Taking the Future of Open exhibit to Mother London at 10 Redchurch St, EC2.

Tristan Copley-Smith presents Open Creatives, a proposed archive of open source digital files across the creative field.

A shot of the Share Your Idea session at the Future of Open event where individuals pitched ideas that could be shared or supported through an Open Institute.

Visit the http://www.oi-london.org.uk/ to share your ideas, and stay tuned for upcoming events.

You can also follow the Open Institute on twitter @OI_Ldn


Manor Works on site by Nick Ierodiaconou

Work is progressing at Manor Works, our 1600sqm enterprise and community centre currently on site in Sheffield. With the concrete superstructure largely finished, the timber top floor has sprung up. Major site works are currently focussing on the entrance bridge.

Big thanks to Jack Marshall (Seed Landscape) and Austen Cook (Momentum Engineering) for their continuing input and guidance.

The ramp to the works yard with rear elevation behind

A forest of (FSC) timber on the top floor.

Office & meeting rooms will have exposed timber soffits.

Concrete specialists Northfield construction have stripped the shuttering, the interior is emerging.

- JS

The Future of Open: Video by Nick Ierodiaconou


video above

captures some of the 'Future of Open' day held Saturday 6th July - a day of futurescoping, sharing ideas and practice in the applications of Open both present and imminent. See the blog for access to the full stream of events on the day, plus slides from presenters. Enjoy!

Read a summary of the event from the OI blog here.

Visit the http://www.oi-london.org.uk/ to share your ideas, and stay tuned for upcoming events.

You can also follow the Open Institute on twitter @OI_Ldn


In Store for Sidcup by Nick Ierodiaconou

In the last 15 years high streets have been in steep decline, with customers choosing more convenient shopping alternatives online and in out of town shopping centres.

In response to this London Borough of Bexley has secured funding to help the Sidcup community explore new opportunities to kick start the high street and help it become the centre of the community again.

Between July and October the In Store For Sidcup team will be entering into their test phase for their new shared retail incubator space and as such part of their HQ will be transformed into a Box Shop (co-designed by Architecture 00 and featuring fittings by OpenDesk), a retail incubator to grow new shops for Sidcup, providing business entrepreneurs with a low risk opportunity to have a presence on the high street.

Box Shop is a single shop that has lots of different sized and shaped boxes inside - some of them larger, similar to market stalls. Each box, or stall, is available to rent to an entrepreneur who would like to sell their goods on the high street. A group of box retailers work collaboratively to man the shop, host events and activities and raise awareness of the shop and the goods.

This means that people who are interested to start a retail business are able to get going much sooner and with less risk that taking on a whole shop by themselves, with support from trading alongside other box retailers. Shoppers on Sidcup high street will have access to a wider range of goods, plus the sorts of social activities and workshops that many people have said they would like to see more of.

You can join in the conversation, share your views and keep up to date with progress by liking the In Store For Sidcup facebook page, and following @instore4sidcup.

- DS

The Future of Open: exhibition & debate by Nick Ierodiaconou

Join us to explore The Future of Open at a series of events including a drop-in exhibition and a day of debate and conversation. This is an open call to propose, test, and lead the development of a 21st Century Open Institution. Use the links below to attend and help shape OI London, or drop us a line to host a fringe event in the space.

More information on events here.

Visit the http://www.oi-london.org.uk/ to share your ideas, and stay tuned for upcoming events.

You can also follow the Open Institute on twitter @OI_Ldn

- DS

Open Institute London website launch by Nick Ierodiaconou

How open are cities? That’s an important question, about social justice and democracy, as well as economic growth and the prosperity of the city in the 21st century. We know that cities are often places of innovation – engines for new ideas. What is less clear is how, as they 'succeed', they can continue to offer the generous conditions that enabled that innovation happen. As traditional commons – parks, pavements, libraries – are being joined by new kinds of commons around shared knowledge, open big data and resources such as Wikipedia, Creative Commons, FabLabs and Trade Schools, this project is asking: what are the new urban Commons, and how should they be governed?

This is an open call to co-develop a 21st century Open institution, starting with the OI London.

London has plans to develop an OI – an ambitious infrastructure that seeks to offer new opportunities for Open education, enterprise, and everyday life for its citizens.

This could be achieved via a range of shared resources; spaces, tools, and platforms. Which are then put them in a commons, where anyone can access them.

The first instance of the OI is being developed in London, backed by £50m investment from the government. And the institution itself will be shared so that other cities can create their own OI.

Visit the http://www.oi-london.org.uk/ to share your ideas, and stay tuned for upcoming events.

You can also follow the Open Institute on twitter @OI_Ldn

- DS

TEDTalk: Architecture for the people, by the people by Nick Ierodiaconou

Full video available now - watch here!

Designer Alastair Parvin presents a simple but provocative idea: what if, instead of architects creating buildings for those who can afford to commission them, regular citizens could design and build their own houses? The concept is at the heart of WikiHouse, an open source construction kit that means just about anyone can build a house, anywhere.

"As a society we’ve never needed design thinking more,” says Alastair Parvin, but most people -- particularly those in cities of growing density and poverty -- can’t afford it. Parvin, who was trained in architecture but chooses to make a career looking for ideas beyond its conventional framework, wants to change that.

He is one of a team behind WikiHouse, an open-source construction set that allows anyone to freely share model files for structures, which can then be downloaded, "printed" via CNC cutting machine and easily assembled. Parvin calls WikiHouse a very early experiment, the seed of what he sees as design’s great project in the 21st century: the democratization of production.

Text from TED.com, read and watch more here.

Follow Wikihouse at @wikihouse or www.wikihouse.cc/

- DS

SOAR Works sweeps the 2013 RIBA Awards! by Nick Ierodiaconou

Congratulations to the team behind SOAR Works, this year we picked up four awards at the 2013 RIBA Awards!

RIBA National Award 2013 RIBA Yorkshire Award 2013 RIBA Yorkshire Sustainability Award 2013 RIBA Yorkshire Building of the Year Award 2013

The shortlist for the RIBA Stirling Prize for the best building of the year will be drawn from the 52 RIBA National and EU Award winners (43 buildings in the UK and 9 buildings elsewhere in the EU). SOAR Works is in the running, so watch out!

SOAR Works was commissioned for SOAR Enterprises Ltd, the trading arm of a community-led area regeneration partnership, and Sheffield City Council. The building provides artists’ studios, workshops, and workspaces for start-up enterprises and community organisations along with meeting and conferencing spaces in a flagship centre in Parson Cross, North Sheffield. 

- DS

On site at Manor Works by Nick Ierodiaconou

Concrete superstructure works are progressing well on site as Manor Works comes out of the ground in a very cold and snowy Sheffield. Built into a sloping site, the building steps up over three storeys to provide 1600 sq m of Workshop, Office & Community space and a new home for the Manor Development Company. The building is due for completion in December of this year.

Above, concrete specialist Mick from Northfield construction setting out the table-form props ready for the level 02 pour later in the week.

Northfield preparing the rebar for the level 01 suspended slab pour (snow permitting).

Craning in the rebar amidst freezing winds of South-East Sheffield. We only managed 15 minutes on site - lots of respect for the Northfield team out there all day every day!

- JS

Trading Spaces: Radical New Collaborations for Local Economies by Nick Ierodiaconou

00's been collaborating on a number of projects with Social Spaces - The Library Lab, Trade School, The Common Room, and most recently, In Store for Sidcup.

Tessy Britton from Social Spaces reflects on these collaborations of mixing commercial high street retail and social outcomes, and how they can create radical new local economies...

From the Social Spaces blog:

We’ve been working on the Trading Spaces concept for about a year. It's exciting to be sharing a year's worth of thinking about innovative ways of increasing collaborative activity on high streets that doesn't rely on local residents to be simply consumers --> but partners, makers and social investors as well.

It's an integration strategy that challenges the idea that commercial local retail businesses and social projects should continue to seek sustainability separately, but instead aims to find points of mutual benefit, engineering a creative form of ‘radical collaboration’.

From this perspective both business and innovative social projects view each other as mutually dependent rather than mutually exclusive or competitive. The primary proposition to businesses is that by giving priority to increasing the social aspects of their business, they will be transforming their relationships with customers and developing a genuine partnership for sustaining the economic and social infrastructue of their local community...

Read the rest here.


House or Home? by Nick Ierodiaconou

A piece on A Right to Build was published in the February 2013 edition of the RIBA Journal.

The UK has a housing crisis. It is not just a short-term supply shortage in the aftermath of the recession, it is also a deep, long-term crisis of poor quality, un-affordability, un-sociability and un-sustainability. How was it that even at the peak of its boom-time prosperity, Britain was building the second smallest homes in Europe? Why is it that only one in four households would even consider buying a new-build home, and that fewer and fewer of us can afford to anyway?

Read the full piece here.

- DS

A civic commons for Silicon Roundabout by Nick Ierodiaconou

Architecture 00 are continuing to lead proposals for a new civic institution for London at Old Street Roundabout. In the last few years, the emergence of an extraordinary cluster of young creative and technology startups around the area of East London have lead Old Street Roundabout to be dubbed 'Silicon Roundabout, and been part of the wider support from the government for Tech City across East London. Yet the roundabout itself remains something of a neglected underpass.

Working with local partners,  00 are developing proposals for a new civic space for London; an open 'commons', owned and operated in the community interest. It will be a building providing workshop spaces, exhibition spaces, event hosting, free workspaces, education and innovation accelerators: in short, a low-threshold point of entry for everyone – from the international investor to the London teenager who wants the opportunity to turn their idea into a startup.

The project will also include a significant upgrade to the whole public realm, including proposals to create a pedestrian peninsular, and safer cycle routes across the junction, which has become notorious as a cycling black-spot in the city.

Driven by the impetus of the local community and startups, 00 are working with the Greater London Authority, Transport for London, London Borough of Islington, London Borough of Hackney, the Tech City Investment Organisation to progress the project through technical feasibility stage.