Surprise wedding bells at 00 by Nick Ierodiaconou

This weekend it was surprise wedding bells for 00 couple, Lynton Pepper and Debbie So (now Pepper). The couple invited friends and family over under the pretense of a house warming BBQ and to our delight it was actually the surprise reception for their new marriage.

All the best to the happy couple from everyone at 00!

- 00

Introducing @thruflo (a.k.a James Arthur) by Nick Ierodiaconou

00 have the pleasure of announcing an addition to the team - Thruflo, a.k.a. James Arthur will be joining us as our new lead developer. James is a self-described geek generalist, developer, and entrepreneur. More about James, from the man himself, below...

So what’s interesting about me joining 00? Well, what’s interesting is not me. It’s 00 and, more particularly, what 00 can do with a geek on board.

@thruflo's GitHub profile

In this day and age, a young man can’t escape his sins.

The best description of 00 I’ve heard comes from Scott Cain at the Long Run Venture. In the kick off meeting for the Hub Launchpad project, his description was “Rogue Architects”. 00 started designing buildings and now they build, what?

Alice Fung

Alice Fung: when architects go rogue.

Platforms is the short answer. There’s so shortage of craft skills or content. You just have to look at people like Joni and Lynton — world class designers and photographers on the side — or at projects like SOAR and WikiHouse to see that. However, what sets 00 apart is a long term strategic approach to building social infrastructure.

OpenDesk designs

OpenDesk: Joni’s sideline as a product designer.

 As an aside, this is my favourite take on the 00 name. It’s not that the house always wins, or the umpteen other interpretations, it’s a reflection that, at the heart of the practice, there is no IP. Ownership has been dissolved in order to build assets that everybody benefits from because nobody owns.

Skipping back to the last time I was gainfully employed, at Large Blue, I designed and developed websites, web architecture and campaigns — doing my best to understand and communicate how to use the web effectively. The first advice I would give was pretty self evident: to design for the medium.

Large Blue website

OpenIDEO: one of the platforms we built at Large Blue.

If you look at projects like the Open Institute, the OSLO movement, WikiHouse, etc, these are about building movements around open ways of designing, organising and doing business. And, as anyone who’s ever watched Seth Godin knows, building movements is what the web is best at.


FabHub — one of the platforms I’m building with 00.

 So, whilst I’m working hard, with Nick, Ian and others, on specific web platforms like OpenDesk and FabHub, what I really hope that, with the weird way my head is wired, I can help these rogue architects harness the web just a little bit more.

Social Spaces and Zero Zero are coming together by Nick Ierodiaconou

00 and social spaces are combining - having worked together for many years we have decided the time is right for us to fully come together.

We have been working on social and civic systemic challenges over the course of the last few years and have collectively built a body of knowledge on how we understand, seed, and develop the civic and social economy ... from the Community Lover’s Guide, The Compendium for the Civic Economy, Civic Crowd, Handmade, Hub Westminster, Hublaunchpad, Library Lab, The Work Shop, The Common Room, Wikihouse.cc, Opendesk.cc etc.

The work has explored and tested the conditions, techniques & platforms needed for supporting civic change. We want to accelerate and deepen our impact by translating and validating what we have been learning into whole-systems re-design - that accomplishes tangible change for real people. We know that creating the conditions for emergent civic change needs our collective capabilities and ambition.

In the coming months, along with the developing change laboratories with our partners, we will be starting the Civic Systems Lab, which will be a knowledge building and learning platform. This platform will be focused on sharing effective system re-design methods and processes - that involve citizens, enterprise and government working strategically together - in ways that will be open and accessible for people leading civic change everywhere.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our collaborators over recent years and are sure that all our friends will be as delighted with this news as we are.

Alastair, Alice, Anna, Bethany, David, Debbie, Indy, James, Jean, Joni, Joost, Laura, Lynton, Nick, Olivia, Ottilie, Sarah, and Tessy.

Launch of 'The Future Is Here' by Nick Ierodiaconou

More photos from the launch of 'The Future Is Here' at the Design Museum - congratulations to the team at Wikihouse and Opendesk for all of their hard work!

The Wikihouse and Opendesk set up, ft. Wikihouse version 3 and the OpenDesk Cafe tables, Edie tables, and Edie stools. All designs can be downloaded for free and printed on CNC machines.

View of the exhibition as it fills up

A range of 3D printed items on display

A big crowd pleaser, a pair of Kuka industrial robots forever building and unbuilding a set of panels.

... And last but not least, a team photo of Wikihouse and OpenDesk! From left to right we have Ian Bennick, Lynton Pepper, Joni Steiner, Nick Ierodiaconou, Sarah Gold, Alastair Parvin, Alice Fung and James Arthur. Many thanks to all of those who have also contributed so far and are not pictured.

Photos from the event taken by Joni Steiner, Debbie So, and The Institution of Education & Technology.

Read more about the launch here.


TEDTalk: Architecture for the people, by the people by Nick Ierodiaconou

Full video available now - watch here!

Designer Alastair Parvin presents a simple but provocative idea: what if, instead of architects creating buildings for those who can afford to commission them, regular citizens could design and build their own houses? The concept is at the heart of WikiHouse, an open source construction kit that means just about anyone can build a house, anywhere.

"As a society we’ve never needed design thinking more,” says Alastair Parvin, but most people -- particularly those in cities of growing density and poverty -- can’t afford it. Parvin, who was trained in architecture but chooses to make a career looking for ideas beyond its conventional framework, wants to change that.

He is one of a team behind WikiHouse, an open-source construction set that allows anyone to freely share model files for structures, which can then be downloaded, "printed" via CNC cutting machine and easily assembled. Parvin calls WikiHouse a very early experiment, the seed of what he sees as design’s great project in the 21st century: the democratization of production.

Text from TED.com, read and watch more here.

Follow Wikihouse at @wikihouse or www.wikihouse.cc/

- DS

Alice + Tav = 00 wedding! by Nick Ierodiaconou

Congratulations to the amazing couple Alice Fung and Tav Espian!

Alice, from 00:/ and the Hub Westminster, and Tav, frequent collaborator with 00:/, were married on 27 April, 2013. In true 00:/ and Hub style, the couple were married at Hub Kings Cross (designed by Alice Fung) under a wiki-alter surrounded by friends and family.

The wedding included English, Tamil, and Chinese ceremonies, and the dancing lasted all night long.

All the best to the brilliant couple!

The Culture Show by Nick Ierodiaconou

Architecture critic and writer Tom Dyckhoff presents this week's Culture Show, looking at architectural solutions to affordable housing in this time of crisis. The episode features Alastair Parvin from 00 and Beatrice Gailee, friend and collaborator of 00.

Alastair Parvin speaks to Tom Dykoff at the Olympic park about collective building in Britain, putting user-led design at the heart of the solution. More on this topic in 00:/'s publication: A Right to Build.

As the weather gets wetter and the risk of flooding increases, Beatrice Galilee travels to the Netherlands to find out how the Dutch have tackled the problem. In Amsterdam she visits a community built entirely on water and meets the architects who are planning to build similar homes in the UK.

Also in this episode, Tom Dyckhoff visits Berlin, where architects and social media communities have been working together to reduce building cost by cutting out the middle men when designing new neighbourhoods. Would this co-build model work as well in Britain as it has in Germany and Finland?

The once-maligned traditional terrace is making a comeback. Oliver Wainwright charts the history of this most British of builds as contemporary architects reinterpret the two-up, two-down to meet the demands of affordable social housing and offer an alternative to high-rise living. Finally, in this time of austerity, Charlie Luxton asks if it is possible to build a house for £20,000.

Watch the episode on BBC iPlayer here.

Text about episode from The Culture Show.

- DS

00 at TED2013 by Nick Ierodiaconou

00 are delighted to have Alastair Parvin speaking at the TED2013: The Young, The Wise,The Undiscovered.

Alastair will be at the "Disrupt" session on Wed Feb 27, 8:30 – 10:15 (PST) speaking about Wikihouse.

For those who are lucky enough to be in sunny Long Beach, California or have access to a live TED stream, please tune in! Otherwise, we will be posting footage from the event as soon as possible afterwards.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far to Wikihouse,

Follow Wikihouse at @wikihouse Or watch the latest video about the project here.

- DS

A civic commons for Silicon Roundabout by Nick Ierodiaconou

Architecture 00 are continuing to lead proposals for a new civic institution for London at Old Street Roundabout. In the last few years, the emergence of an extraordinary cluster of young creative and technology startups around the area of East London have lead Old Street Roundabout to be dubbed 'Silicon Roundabout, and been part of the wider support from the government for Tech City across East London. Yet the roundabout itself remains something of a neglected underpass.

Working with local partners,  00 are developing proposals for a new civic space for London; an open 'commons', owned and operated in the community interest. It will be a building providing workshop spaces, exhibition spaces, event hosting, free workspaces, education and innovation accelerators: in short, a low-threshold point of entry for everyone – from the international investor to the London teenager who wants the opportunity to turn their idea into a startup.

The project will also include a significant upgrade to the whole public realm, including proposals to create a pedestrian peninsular, and safer cycle routes across the junction, which has become notorious as a cycling black-spot in the city.

Driven by the impetus of the local community and startups, 00 are working with the Greater London Authority, Transport for London, London Borough of Islington, London Borough of Hackney, the Tech City Investment Organisation to progress the project through technical feasibility stage.

Missing in Action by Nick Ierodiaconou

This is Timothy Ahrensbach, and in January 2013 he has gracefully transitioned from 00 to join the team at Action Aid in Denmark.

Not only is everyone at 00 immensely proud of Tim; we already miss the sound of his laughter, his brilliant mind, and that je ne sais quois that only comes with really valuing a colleague and a friend. But enough with breaking hearts - we'll be seeing Tim shortly on our 00 weekend in Copenhagen this February 2013!

Tim has jumped head first into his new role at Action Aid, and we've asked him for a few last words reflecting on his experience at 00 and what's to come:

From the desk of Timothy Ahrensbach...

I only just started with ActionAid Denmark last week, but I've definitely been thrown into the deep end of the pool. The project is supposed to launch in August this year, so it's a very short turn-around and deadlines are more often 'yesterday' than 'tomorrow'. Luckily, having worked with 00 for almost three years, I'm quite familiar with tight deadlines.

In a nutshell the project entails the conversion of an old 19th century grammar school in inner-city Copenhagen into a 15,000 sq. ft. powerhouse for activists, researchers, professionals and NGOs working in the cross-section between international development and innovative learning. Global Platform Denmark will house a co-working space for NGOs, two floors of event and meeting spaces, a dormitory for visiting students, a workshop space for activists, a bike rental and an edible roof-top garden.

This is a perfect opportunity to take the learnings from the "Compendium for the Civic Economy" and put them into practice - and in a way, the Global Platform really does combine the best of the HUB, the Library Lab, the Common Room and many other projects 00 has been involved with along the way.

I'm really looking forward to 00s visit in February. Not only because I'm excited to catch up with everyone, but also because I can't wait to show off my new project and get some critical feedback and inspiration from the team.

Hopefully there'll also be some time to wander around my home-town, experience the Danish concept of "hygge"  and tuck into some proper Danish pastries and herring. I suggest everyone watches a couple of episodes of Borgen or The Killing as homework.

Jeg glæder mig!

See you soon, Tim!

- DS

00 Nominated for Young Architects of the Year Award 2012 by Nick Ierodiaconou

Last night at the Jerwood Space, 00 were announced on the shortlist for YAYA 2012 alongside Bell Philips Architects, Hayhurst & Co, Coffey Architects, and vPPR.

As BD reports, “Of a number of submission from practices that were challenging the traditional role of the architect, the jury felt that 00’s entry was the most provocative -  and looked forward to quizzing it further in the next interview”.

We too are looking forward to the interview, which we understand you are all invited to, as an opportunity to discuss more openly what it is we actually do; community yes (although we would save “civic”), research yes (although we would say “evidence-based”), architecture definitely (although ARB, of course, might disagree).


00 New Radicals by Nick Ierodiaconou


This video, a quick round of talking heads, was created in an afternoon as an entry to the 'Britain's New Radicals' project in the Observer, supported by NESTA. After we'd made it, Indy was invited to be a judge, so the video was never used. It was, nonetheless, quite an unexpected moment of forced reflection – on what we're doing, and why we're doing it.

- AP

Grand Opening of SOAR Works by Nick Ierodiaconou

To our great delight, 00:/ have completed their latest new build:

On Friday 09th December 2011 SOAR Works (www.soarworks.co.uk), 00:/’s latest project, was officially opened by Sir Bob Kerslake Permanent Secretary Communities & Local Government, Cllr Julie Dore Leader Sheffield City Council & David Blunkett MP.

The building was commissioned for SOAR Enterprises Ltd, the trading arm of a community-led area regeneration partnership, and Sheffield City Council. The building provides artists’ studios, workshops, and workspaces for start-up enterprises and community organisations along with meeting and conferencing spaces in a flagship centre in Parson Cross, North Sheffield. SOAR Works aims to revitalise and improve the long term social and economic prospects of the local community through supporting and furthering arts and enterprise.

The design of SOAR Works represents the strategic aims and ambitions of the client and multi-headed grant funders. With a fixed capital budget from the outset, 00:/ led their multi-disciplinary subconsultant team, which included responsibility for cost control, from design competition to completion. Deploying the budget strategically to deliver both a landmark building and also affordable workspace, was fundamental to creating something of design excellence. The cantilevered entrance canopy and playful use of dichroic glass behind perforated security shutters on the South facade, provide a highly functional yet surprising statement at the heart of the regeneration area.The steel-framed and steel-clad (inside and out) design builds on Sheffield’s cultural heritage of industry and progressive workspaces.

SOAR Works was led by architects Sarah Hollingworth and David Saxby from 00:/, with the help of their partners Steve Fisher & Austen Cook (Momentum), Philip Boulcott & Michael Perkins (AppleyardsDWB) and Trevor Barrett & Lujun Zhou (pha/Foster & Partners) and their respective teams.

See photos of the interior design below, more photos to come!

Screwing Business as Usual by Nick Ierodiaconou

Classic Sir Richard Branson cheeky title for his campaign on changing the way we look at business, a la "Screwing Business as Usual". The book launch took place last Tuesday at the Hub Westminster, ft. a host of people who shared their stories about challenging business norms and of course, Sir Richard Branson in the flesh (and hair!).

“Large enterprises and government can and must do more to help…young entrepreneurs.” - Sir Richard Branson

Rajeeb Dey, CEO of enternships.com, said of the figures: "With youth unemployment exceeding the million threshold it’s now important we send a message to young people that they can make a job rather than take a job and that entrepreneurship is a viable and rewarding career path in its own right.

“Right now young people need work experience to secure jobs and face a "catch 22" situation in obtaining these placements. By looking beyond the more traditional corporate employers and engaging with start-ups and small businesses, we can create new opportunities and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.”

Read more about it here.

- DS

Wikihouse at Emerging Group by Nick Ierodiaconou

Thanks to Chris and the Alma-nac guys for inviting 00:/ down to speak at Emerging Group for a second time. An interesting night of short presentations was enjoyed around the theme of mistakes - as a positive, fundamental and incredibly productive part of designing: Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

I spoke about theWikiHouse and the potential that we see this open platform having as a facilitator for ‘versioning’ diverse design ideas – beyond the house -  where we hope to see crowd-sourced critique and mass collaboration help to resolve design challenges, question and solve ‘mistakes’ and couple an atomised design community with the possibility of truly local fabrication – bringing about the idea of the corner-shop factory; the local Fab Lab.

It was great to see recent work from We Made That (and commiserate on both missing out on a recent project), hear about a fantastic construction in the Nevada desert by Warmbaby (nice name) and to meet some folks doing amazing things with new 3D scanning technology.

- JS

3 Nations: Emerging Architects Event to encourage collaboration across borders by Nick Ierodiaconou

A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist. - R. Buckminster Fuller

Come drop by Buro Happold (London) today and have a chat with Lynton Pepper, David Saxby, and Joost Beunderman from 00:/ about how they are young, emerging, and doing loads of interesting projects.

Buro Happold, London

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands have organised an event to promote young architects from three different nations, Scotland, the Netherlands and England in cooperation with Buro Happold.

The aim of the conference is to inspire the participants, to encourage collaboration across borders, and to advise the participants of the routes to international projects and the support that is available. This day is aimed at emerging architectural practices, with ten practices attending from England, Scotland and the Netherlands.


00 commended by 2011 RIBA President's Awards for Research by Nick Ierodiaconou

00 was commended by 2011 RIBA President's Awards for Research for their project Compendium for the Civic Economy. The judges said:

'A topical source of inspiration and information for organisations and individuals embarking on collaborative community regeneration and place-shaping projects, this work is highly original and may be the first book of this kind written by an architectural practice.'

Congratulations to the 00 team that spearheaded this project: Timothy Ahrensbach, Joost Beunderman, Alice Fung, Joni Steiner & Indy Johar!

Read the full text for the Compendium for the Civic Economy here.


00 Highly Commended by the WAN 21 for 21 Awards by Nick Ierodiaconou

Architecture 00 have been Highly Commended in the WAN 21 for 21 Awards, an award aimed to highlight designers who could be the leading lights of architectural thinking in the 21st century. While many of the architects recognised were exceptionally talented designers working within a field one might expect architects to work in (in particular the design buildings), 00:/ were recognised in particular as belonging to a branch of architects who are pushing the boundaries of design beyond just buildings themselves towards a more open-ended practice. We think that’s a pretty good way of putting it. The project which featured in the awards was Scale Free Schools, (view the pagehere and the project videos here) a project exploring a radically different approach to providing secondary school infrastructure in the 21st century. Check out the WAN news release here.