visualising debt / by Nick Ierodiaconou

Some thoughts on visual communication. Great graphic on debt in the EU made me think - access to information has not been the main barrier to advancing ideas for a long time. Meanwhile our ability to coherently string together complex information with a powerful narrative - one that can show nuances and interdependencies of a system has become more unique.  Communicating information in this way iha played a large part in our work methodologies - call it what you will, a mind map, ecolog map, blue print, systems architecture...the point is the increasing need to be able to stitch together complex information from different sources and summarise in a way that allows the reader to:

1 - see the whole picture and therefore place pieces of information in context

2 - read hierarchies of information that allow interdependencies to be visible

3 - understand the range of inputs and affects that communicate the nuances in the story

4 - by showing the whole journey, create the space for the reader to be part of it, unlike an excel spreadsheet or text document.