Launch - Social Breakfast / by Nick Ierodiaconou

This morning a couple of us attended the launch of the Social Breakfast website - a new initiative headed up by Ashram Housing who have developed a platform with the aim of bridging the divide between the 'youth' and older generations. The aim is to explore the reality of challenges faced by young people and provide an accessible platform for them to develop peer to peer relationships of support. The initiative has received the unanimous support of Gordon Brown's, David Cameron's and Nick Clegg's offices proving the truly public value remit of its endeavour. It aims to help frame and hold debate around some of the most challenging issues facing young people today - what does it mean to be British? Will I be able to get a good job? Why do some people have negative perceptions of young people? The website will act as a conduit to politicians, policy makers and frontline staff with them contributing to the debate, posing questions and developing a discourse with the young generation in a healthy society which recognises discussion as a means of social progress. Whilst operating at a national level, as momentum builds in time, the Social Breakfast intends to have a local on and offline aspect to it and is currently seeking out Citizen Journalists from all over the country.

If the success of this mornings launch at the House of Commons is anything to go by I am excited to see how this initiative will progress and how successfully we can create new platforms for progressive social debate and meaningful democratic discourse.