00 go travelling...first stop Istanbul / by Nick Ierodiaconou

00 are this week participating in the Architecture Foundation exchange to Istanbul as well as the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona starting tonight wtih a presentation at the Istanbul Technical University. Istanbul is of particular relevance as a research ground as it has not undergone the degree of atomisation of societal structures that we have seen in London and by consequence Istanbul presents an opportunity to forensically examine the strengths and weaknesses of a living civic economy.

We see this as an opportunity to further investigate and discover emerging development models that leapfrog next-practice such as in Uganda, where banking infrastructure leapfrogged past high street banks and straight to mobile banking; or the energy leapfrogging as seen at a city level in Rizhao, China, where 99 percent of households in the central district use solar water heaters and most of the lighting and traffic signals are powered by photovoltaics.

The exchange should provide some fertile ground for such conversations....watch this space for updates over the next few days.