00 Competition Success / by Nick Ierodiaconou

Architecture Foundation : London_Istanbul Exchange Programme 00 has been selected as one of the three London practices to participant in the London_Istanbul Exchange Programme from the 2-5 November 2009, ran by the Architecture Foundation and their Istanbul partner, Garanti Gallery and Arkitera. We will also be attending the Urban Age Conference from the 4-5th November.

We are at a crucial point in architecture where we are asking - what is the role of the architect? We hope the exchange will create an opportunity to debate and investigate the possibilities across these two contexts, hopefully, catalysing both our and our exchange partner’s response. Istanbul is of particular relevance as a research ground as it has not undergone the degree of atomisation of societal structures that we have seen in London and by consequence Istanbul presents an opportunity to forensically examine the strengths and weaknesses of a living civic economy.