we20 - the open source G20 / by Nick Ierodiaconou

we20 is "a public initiative to run alongside the G20, creating a bridge between the G20 leaders and you. The current objective for we20 plans is around finding short and long term solutions to the global economic crisis." So the idea is for individuals to organise groups of 20 friends to come up with plans to fix the economic crisis. An interesting pro-active social tech platform to engage people in real debate at a very timely moment. The organisers of we20 have been talking with the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who will be reviewing them before the London Summit on April 2nd and there is the opportunity for some plans to be posted onto their site. "The G20 world leaders and their expert teams are making plans to try and fix the global economy. If you think the G20 may need some help, we20 may provide the platform for you to create a plan and build the concensus you need to have an impact and make your ideas a reality.

You may have a burning passion to create a solution to a challenge close to your heart. Perhaps you are curious about where a we20 meeting will lead you.

This challenge may be a local issue, such as raising funds for a local market or sports team; a national issue such as how your government should spend taxpayers money or laws affecting your workforce; or a global issue such as trade protection, global warming, the IMF and World Bank or International Accounting standards.

we20 allows you to communicate and have meetings with your friends, contacts and many others to make that plan."

Time to step up, engage and put forward a plan if you're tired of waiting for others to come up with mediocre excuses as to why we should continue on the same old path.