Wikihouse at NYC Maker Faire / by Nick Ierodiaconou

A couple of weeks ago Nick, Alastair, Sarah and Joni from 00 flew across to Queens in New York to build a WikiHouse for World Maker Faire 2013.  It was a project cut by Shop Bot and sponsored and co-built with SketchUp and friends. With one of the best amateur construction teams we’ve ever worked with, we put 1150 pieces together to construct the chassis of a double house in 16 hours.

See a timelapse of our Wikihouse Maker Faire build here.

There were 175 CNC sheets, which took Shop Bot two weeks to cut. There were some crazy times towards the end of the pre-build when Alastair was altering the SketchUp model in the UK, whilst Nick simultaneously updated files in Greece, whilst Bill in Shop Bot loaded the plywood onto the CNC table.

This project was the biggest WikiHouse we have made so far. It was a great opportunity for us to test our newest WikiHouse system. There was a lot of learning during the build itself, and we have already been making changes to the system to “Design for mistakes. Try to design components which either make it impossible for the assembler to get it wrong or are designed in such a way that it doesn't matter if they do” (WikiHouse’s design principle number 10).

See a timelapse of our Wikihouse Maker Faire build here.

- SG