Detail photos of Global Platform Denmark / by Nick Ierodiaconou

Update: detail photos of the interior and exterior fit out of the new Global Platform at Action Aid.

00 developed the designs, as well as supporting ActionAid in the co-build refurbishment of their Global Platform in Copenhagen. Within a tight budget of £30k and 6-week timeframe, the building was refurbished by young people (16-30 years) with previously limited construction skills.

Greenhouse style meeting room with OpenDesk furniture (cafe table) and writable glass walls.

Bespoke project desks for private working or Skype calls.

Platform seating made from recycled milk crates.

Top floor cafe and community area.

One of the classroom / learning / presentation spaces with moveable whiteboard, a pallet stage and alphabet chairs.

Outdoor greenspace and greenhouse meeting room.

Pallet garden for flexible outdoor seating and presentation space.

Global Platform Denmark is a community of 13 organisations, academics and social entrepreneurs, who collaborate on creating activities, which engender global sustainability and democratic participation, and fight poverty and injustice.

All photos by Lynton Pepper.

- DS