The Culture Show / by Nick Ierodiaconou

Architecture critic and writer Tom Dyckhoff presents this week's Culture Show, looking at architectural solutions to affordable housing in this time of crisis. The episode features Alastair Parvin from 00 and Beatrice Gailee, friend and collaborator of 00.

Alastair Parvin speaks to Tom Dykoff at the Olympic park about collective building in Britain, putting user-led design at the heart of the solution. More on this topic in 00:/'s publication: A Right to Build.

As the weather gets wetter and the risk of flooding increases, Beatrice Galilee travels to the Netherlands to find out how the Dutch have tackled the problem. In Amsterdam she visits a community built entirely on water and meets the architects who are planning to build similar homes in the UK.

Also in this episode, Tom Dyckhoff visits Berlin, where architects and social media communities have been working together to reduce building cost by cutting out the middle men when designing new neighbourhoods. Would this co-build model work as well in Britain as it has in Germany and Finland?

The once-maligned traditional terrace is making a comeback. Oliver Wainwright charts the history of this most British of builds as contemporary architects reinterpret the two-up, two-down to meet the demands of affordable social housing and offer an alternative to high-rise living. Finally, in this time of austerity, Charlie Luxton asks if it is possible to build a house for £20,000.

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