Lawrence Lessig on the hybrid economy / by Nick Ierodiaconou

We've been seeing an emergence of the Sharing Economy such as community kitchens - but this is now starting to combine with commercial value to create a Hybrid Economy i.e. Loop baby clothes exchange in Acton.  As resources get more scarce we need to maximise the utilisation of existing assets - from how we are programming public and community spaces to collective use-frameworks such as car-shares i.e. we can get to use a car but we don't all need to own one. These ideas basically work by aggregating demand and orchestrating use in response - creating a new Hybrid Economy which operates across both a sharing and commercial remit. While many of these ideas aren't altogether new - their potential role in the new socio-economy could be vast and understanding their real blended value [social, economic and environmental] will not be expressed purely in terms of company turnover.


with John Podesta on Feb 25, 2009