Missing in Action / by Nick Ierodiaconou

This is Timothy Ahrensbach, and in January 2013 he has gracefully transitioned from 00 to join the team at Action Aid in Denmark.

Not only is everyone at 00 immensely proud of Tim; we already miss the sound of his laughter, his brilliant mind, and that je ne sais quois that only comes with really valuing a colleague and a friend. But enough with breaking hearts - we'll be seeing Tim shortly on our 00 weekend in Copenhagen this February 2013!

Tim has jumped head first into his new role at Action Aid, and we've asked him for a few last words reflecting on his experience at 00 and what's to come:

From the desk of Timothy Ahrensbach...

I only just started with ActionAid Denmark last week, but I've definitely been thrown into the deep end of the pool. The project is supposed to launch in August this year, so it's a very short turn-around and deadlines are more often 'yesterday' than 'tomorrow'. Luckily, having worked with 00 for almost three years, I'm quite familiar with tight deadlines.

In a nutshell the project entails the conversion of an old 19th century grammar school in inner-city Copenhagen into a 15,000 sq. ft. powerhouse for activists, researchers, professionals and NGOs working in the cross-section between international development and innovative learning. Global Platform Denmark will house a co-working space for NGOs, two floors of event and meeting spaces, a dormitory for visiting students, a workshop space for activists, a bike rental and an edible roof-top garden.

This is a perfect opportunity to take the learnings from the "Compendium for the Civic Economy" and put them into practice - and in a way, the Global Platform really does combine the best of the HUB, the Library Lab, the Common Room and many other projects 00 has been involved with along the way.

I'm really looking forward to 00s visit in February. Not only because I'm excited to catch up with everyone, but also because I can't wait to show off my new project and get some critical feedback and inspiration from the team.

Hopefully there'll also be some time to wander around my home-town, experience the Danish concept of "hygge"  and tuck into some proper Danish pastries and herring. I suggest everyone watches a couple of episodes of Borgen or The Killing as homework.

Jeg glæder mig!

See you soon, Tim!

- DS