Sidcup High Street / by Nick Ierodiaconou

Together with Social Spaces we have started work on an exciting retail innovation project in Sidcup. Responding to a brief for the creation of a retail start-up space on Sidcup High Street, we are starting to explore what 'retail start-ups' can mean in a structurally changing economic and social context.

What are viable High Street start-ups and how to support them? Inspired by amazing projects like Granny’s Finest (one of many many many great new projects we are coming across - they're not all about fancy scarves!) our hunch is that new combinations between social production and local exchange hold the key to unlocking skills, creating relevant products, putting the social back in commercial exchange and re-imagining the High Street as a meaningful place. It's the stuff generated only by collaboration, embedding ourselves deeply in a place and jointly exploring new value models and unlikely combinations.

Watch this space as we're about to immerse ourselves...