The Common Room / by Nick Ierodiaconou

The Churches Conservation Trust is trying out a new concept to bring St Laurence’s church on St Benedict Street, Norwich into re-use. It is a called The Common Room. Working in collaboration with The Churches Conservation Trust, 00:/ and Social Spaces are introducing the idea to the local community by bringing it to life for a day, on November 10, 2012.

What is The Common Room?

The Common Room could transform St Laurence’s church into a new type of shared space, made and shaped collectively by the community, and run on the principles of collaboration, connection and resourcefulness. Working through a co-operative membership model you could have access to the space, to meet people, experiment with ideas and start new projects for a small regular membership cost.

More than a coffee shop, restaurant, gallery or theatre alone - more than a traditional community centre, club house or office. You might pop in to make yourself a cup of tea have a chat and read your emails. Bring a dish and share a meal with others. Learn how to fix your bike, or the toaster. Or try and build your next big invention.

The idea of the Common Room is that it could be a social engine room for developing your ideas and projects.

What happens here would be up to you.

Logo design and artwork by Sarah Hollingworth Copy by Laura Billings