WikiHouse - The story so far. / by Nick Ierodiaconou

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With WikiHouse Rio recently being awarded the TED Prize, as part of the City 2.0 project, now seems like a perfect moment to take note of the WikiHouse project so far, where it's come from, and the full scale of the team who have worked on it and supported it.

So in that spirit, we've put together this poster of the WikiHouse Version Map, which shows all of that, and also spells out what we think are the next big goals / milestones in the project. As ever - if you think you can help achieve them, or would like to support the development of the project, please get in touch.

Download the PDF here. The poster is, of course, shared under a Creative Commons license, so you're free to share it / print it / wrap fish & chips in it, with attribution.

Our huge thanks to all those who have brought the project this far.