New Ways of Working / by Nick Ierodiaconou

To date, Library Lab has been running a free crèche for two months in partnership with Work Free / Think Future Ltd. alongside the co-working / events space in the Willesden Green Library Centre.

00:/'s Urban Studies Intern, Justinien Tribillion, has been working hard to compile data on the crèche for a legacy document evaluating the scope of new ways of working in Brent Council, asking "How do we design spaces for home-based and flexible-working parents?".

After two months of prototyping the crèche / co-working space, we're proud to report that the Library Lab has hosted over 60 children and provided over 403 hours of childcare in the space.

One of our key learnings from this experience was how to overcome the challenge of perceived barriers to providing childcare facilities, i.e. legal and health & safety, verses actual barriers, i.e. logistics of procuring CRB qualified and checked workers, fitting out an affordable, safe space or getting parents interested.

We're proud to say the crèche has been operating successfully, thanks to our partnership with Work Free / Think Future Ltd. and we're exciting to continue prototyping new ways of working.