Wikihouse Rio receives $10K Prize for TED Cities 2.0 / by Nick Ierodiaconou

This year's TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) prize, normally given to an individual, was awarded to an idea dubbed "City 2.0". Ten projects that are improving city life were selected to benefit from the $100,000 USD prize fund.

00 are thrilled to have Wikihouse Rio as part of TED Cities 2.0.

What would it look if cities were built by the 99% for the 99%? That’s the question that drove two London-based designers to create Wikihouse—instructions for modern day “barn raising” built on open source philosophies. Wikihouse will team up with Rio-based organization, Dharma, to see what happens when the favela’s most enterprising youth collectively build community centers and their own bright futures.

Wikihouse Rio is a collaboration between Wikihouse and Dharma, a social innovation agency working in Rio's favela communities. Special thanks to team leaders Alastair Parvin & Nick Ierodiaconou from Architecture 00:/, Jimmy Greer from Brazilintel, and Dharma.

Read more about Wikihouse Rio and TED City 2.0 on the BBC here.