MAKE: Interview with WikiHouse’s Alastair Parvin and Nick Ierodiaconou / by Nick Ierodiaconou

00's Alastair Parvin and Nick Ierodiaconou were recently interviewed about Wikihouse in MAKE: Volume 30.

Excerpt below:

L: The building materials are fabricated from locally sourced plywood cut on a CNC mill?

WH: Yes, exactly. Our motto during the whole project has been a fantastic quote by John Maynard Keynes: “It is easier to ship recipes than cakes and biscuits.”That, after all, is the essence of the maker revolution, our ability to share knowledge and software tools globally, which empowers people locally to use materials available. We chose plywood sheets because they are already widely available, as is (more and more) access to CNC cutting machines to cut the parts for the houses.

The WikiHouse plugin, as well as converting 3D models into 2D cutting files, also labels the parts with their component name, so the actually building process is remarkably fast – it’s really like building a very big piece of flat-pack furniture!


L: How many houses have been built using WikiHouse? Where?WH: WikiHouse is still at an experimental stage. Several prototype structures have actually been built, but we are yet to use the system on a finished building. We are currently working on plans to achieve this within the coming year, given some further contributions from the community and the right opportunities to progress to a finished building. There is interest in America, Germany, and New Zealand on this front, and we hope to progress quickly through the next stages of development. If anyone is interested in working with us to achieve this, we’d love for them to get in touch via



Read the rest of the interview here.