Crèche at the Library Lab in partnership with Work Free & Think Future Ltd. / by Nick Ierodiaconou

In partnership with Brent Council and New Windows on Willesden Green, 00:/ recently set up TheLibrary Lab in the Willesden Green Library Centre. The Library Lab occupies the previously disused café in the Willesden Green Library Centre, transforming it into a temporary community space offering free workshops, lectures, a pop-up co-working space, and crèche. This combination of uses is aimed at accelerating local entrepreneurship in the highly diverse Brent community.

In May 2012, The Library Lab teamed up with Work Free & Think Future Ltd. to launch a free crèche in space.

This was driven by a number of factors affecting families in particular, including "the high costs of childcare, the rise of more flexible working, the desire to reduce unnecessary travel and ultimately society's long term vision for health and equality." - Gaynor Pates, Work Free & Think Future Ltd.

The crèche provides free temporary childcare for those 0-4, provided parents remain on site to take advantage of the co-working and/or learning series that The Library Lab provides. The Library Lab are proud to offer a service that caters to what we identified are groups that have tend to be excluded from the current discourse and main support infrastructure provided for entrepreneurs, including home-based workers, workers in non-central urban areas, and women entrepreneurs.

After less than two weeks of opening, the crèche has been operating at capacity. To date, over 2,500 people have passed through The Library Lab since its launch in February 2012.

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Read more about the crèche in a recent interview Gaynor Pates from Work Free & Think Future Ltd. had with Working Mums online magazine:

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