The 00 Annual Report to Stakeholders / by Nick Ierodiaconou

[issuu width=420 height=298 shareMenuEnabled=false showHtmlLink=false printButtonEnabled=false shareButtonEnabled=false searchButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120113153051-c3492c42505a4dd7b19a813c5b4750ff name=audit2011 username=architecture00 tag=00 unit=px id=5409eaa7-cd6b-98e8-3ce3-31a57fd18099 v=2] At the beginning of 2012, 00:/ published the Annual Report to Stakeholder; a social audit, documenting not for shareholders but for our stakeholders (the wide diaspora of friends, collaborators and allies with whom we work, and society as a whole) a slightly unconventional insight into our operations in 2011. As a private limited company, with a democratic governance system, we consider our work accountable not just to ourselves, but ultimately to everyone.

Published with thanks to all of those in that diaspora with whom we have worked during 2011.