Wikihouse at Emerging Group / by Nick Ierodiaconou

Thanks to Chris and the Alma-nac guys for inviting 00:/ down to speak at Emerging Group for a second time. An interesting night of short presentations was enjoyed around the theme of mistakes - as a positive, fundamental and incredibly productive part of designing: Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

I spoke about theWikiHouse and the potential that we see this open platform having as a facilitator for ‘versioning’ diverse design ideas – beyond the house -  where we hope to see crowd-sourced critique and mass collaboration help to resolve design challenges, question and solve ‘mistakes’ and couple an atomised design community with the possibility of truly local fabrication – bringing about the idea of the corner-shop factory; the local Fab Lab.

It was great to see recent work from We Made That (and commiserate on both missing out on a recent project), hear about a fantastic construction in the Nevada desert by Warmbaby (nice name) and to meet some folks doing amazing things with new 3D scanning technology.

- JS