Filming at The Winch / by Nick Ierodiaconou

00's Joni Steiner and Debbie So had loads of fun this weekend filming a new video for the relaunch of The Winch, a fantastic multi-purpose community centre out by Swiss Cottage.

Stay tuned for news of the relaunch (and redesign by 00) of The Winch in early December.


The Winch reaches over 2,000 children, young people, families and members of the local community each year, through their Play, Sport and Youth programmes and through community events, festivals, initiatives and the use of their space. A charity established by local young people in 1973, the Winch works in a radical and relational way, responding to the needs and hopes of the local community.

Take a peak at the behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes from the afternoon...

CEO and Director of The Winch, Paul Perkins, is showing the youth how to do "a wave" with paper cutouts of the number 6 billion, helping illustrate the cost of criminal activity of ten to sixteen year-olds in the UK is 6 billion pounds a year - but in Camden, 61% of young people on the youth offending register did not take part in any youth activities in 2009.

Here is film director Steve Reynolds talking to Zac (nicknamed "Zac attack") for his up-close-and-personal interview.

The Winch showing their enthusiasm for 00:/!