Let's go back to the beach / by Nick Ierodiaconou

Monday morning blast from the past - Here at 00:/ we opened up the time capsule (we don't really have a time capsule, maybe we should?) and dug up polaroids of the team working on the Bristol Urban Beach project in 2006.

Beach babe Lynton Pepper relaxes after a hard day's work

"An inclusive beach environment for the people of Bristol City as an experimental forum for debate on ideas of place-making, civic branding and public space. The design created an informal amphitheatre for creative, community and green aspects of Bristol's community in conjunction with a structured programme celebrating Bristol's cultural verve in areas such as digital media, music and performance poetry."

Nick Ierodiaconou, Joni Steiner, and Lynton Pepper at the beach bar

Clara Maguire, Joni & Nick taking in the sun

Youth getting their feet wet and exploring their urban environment

The 00 team admiring their handiwork in the sand.

Don't these make you wish you were back on the beach?

- DS