We Made That / by Nick Ierodiaconou

We're very pleased to be featured in We Made That's latest publication, "The Unlimited Edition, Issue 3: Proposition". Joost Beunderman from 00:/ speaks on "Fertile Ground for a Civic Economy"...

"It seems so long ago now; that famous dictum of Rahm Emanuel, the then-chief-of-staff of then-recently-elected president Obama, that one should "never let a serious crisis go to waste". Almost three years later, some would say that across the world, many opportunities have been wasted.

...We recognised that this new type of social and civic impact ventures can be found across the economy - and that understanding the behaviours of their protagonists can help us create the fertile ground for a wholly different type of economic development story."

The Unlimited Edition is a super-local newspaper focused purely on this strand of London. The intention is to record and explore the familiar, and to celebrate and speculate on the possibilities that lie in its future.

As part of the 'High Street 2012' initiative, We Made That were commissioned to produce a series of speculative newspapers. This unique run has been published over the late summer months of 2011.

- DS