00 Outreach / by Nick Ierodiaconou

Getting into Architecture Workshop: Tower Hamlets Summer University

Yesterday 00 ran the Tower Hamlet Summer University course ‘Getting into Architecture’. The aim of the day was to explore what working in the architectural professional could be with the 15 young people (16-25 years old). The participants were interested in architecture and possible careers as architects and the course allowed them to ask questions, hear first-hand experiences about the routes into the profession and the day-to-day work of an architect. The design of the workshop allowed the participants a taster into a range of activities from debate, critical explanation of space, site explorations , research based design, representation and presentation of ideas, and evaluation. The workshop incorporated our own approach to architecture, for example, we questioned what architecture could be, discussed the responsibilities of the profession and the tools we use in a spatial agency approach. The day ended with a visit to our office. We are very grateful to George Lovett who helped facilitate the day with Sarah.