A whole new Ethic and Aesthetic being born / by Nick Ierodiaconou

http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/jan/04/us-economy-thrift-barack-obama Welcome to the birth pangs of a whole new world - a world where.... to quote from the guardian....

"Frugal is the new cool, putting an end to hyperconsumption....Sales of red meat are falling, while cheaper foodstuffs, such as pasta, are going up. Car sales have collapsed by up to 30%...The demand for cosmetic surgery has collapsed with some clinics reporting a fall in patients of 30-40%....Everything was bigger, including the people." That sort of excess, on everything from cookies to cars, is now on the way out. The era of supersizing is over....."

This is the new world we need to help give birth to - by building a viable shift mechanism from our global addiction to consumptive excess towards an alternative model for advancing our civilisation. This is design challenge of our generation.